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How to Get Publicity in 7 Steps

They say that bad publicity is better than no publicity. And there’s some truth to that. Getting featured in the media might be a powerful tool. Publicity can get you more readers, clients, and—subsequently—more income. So, how does one get published?

Getting Back to a New Normal

We live in crazy and unpredictable times. The coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of uncertainty about the future and put us into situations we’ve never thought were probable. Social distancing has been both a challenge and an opportunity. Now, when we see the tide turning and things slowly going back to normal, there is a new question to ask yourself: what is the new normal you want to return to?

8 Proven Tips for a Productive Home Office

Working from home has many faces. A remote corporate job may create a very organized work environment while running an online business is usually a crazy ride with a lot of flexibility and mixed emotions. My life is a mix of both, so let me introduce you to all the things you should know about working from home.

An Introduction to Mexico City

With a population of almost 22 million, the capital of Mexico can be overwhelming. But the energy of this city is tremendous and creates ground for an unforgettable adventure. Here’s my subjective guide for first-timers: what to do, where to go, what to know before you walk the streets of Mexico City.

My Most Read Posts of 2019

My blog—the one that you’re reading right now—started in late March 2019. The first year of publishing at a new platform is usually a wild ride, both technically and emotionally. I wrote about things that are the closest to my heart: my entrepreneurial journey and my travels. And, as it turned out, many of you share my passions!

Morocco in Winter: A Perfect 7-Day Itinerary

Although Morocco has become a popular tourist destination lately, in winter the country is far less crowded and just as beautiful as in the high season. The weather may be tricky at times, but this risk is worth taking because you’re up for a more authentic experience.

Where to Travel in December?

December is a truly magical time in many parts of the world. Some places embrace the Christmas spirit to the maximum, while other destinations are tempting because of their off-season calmness or paradise-like charm.

Jordan in One Week: My Subjective Guide

Jordan is becoming wildly popular now, and for a reason. Petra and Wadi Rum are absolutely breathtaking, while many hidden gems lure those tourists who like adventures off the beaten path. It’s the land of rocks and red sand, with a rich history and welcoming people. I wasn’t expecting much, and maybe this is why Jordan totally blew my mind.

My Subjective Guide to California

California has it all. Charming spots by the ocean, the warm and sunny weather, bustling cities, intriguing desert landscapes, wonderful forests and breathtaking mountains. Whether you love adventure or search for a place to chill out, you’ll probably love it here.