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My Most Read Posts of 2020

The year 2020 is officially over, and I’m here with the most read posts on my blog in the last 12 months. Which of my articles were the most interesting to you? The winner may surprise you!

Your Annual Life Review—Part 2: Personal Finances

Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s hard to be happy without money. When you’re constantly struggling with debt or your incomes are tiny, money becomes the center of your attention. Making money isn’t a goal in itself, though. It’s more than that: a means to live a life you want. And this is priceless.

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel

Freedom to do whatever you want, meeting lots of new people, stepping out of your comfort zone—these are the main advantages of traveling solo. Going on a trip alone, even on a short one, is a wonderful experience, and it can become the adventure of a lifetime.