Your Annual Life Review—Part 6: Energy & Productivity

All of us live incredibly fast-paced lives, so managing our energy has become a necessary skill. Finding the balance between productive work and relaxing has become an art in today’s world. How to master it?

Your Annual Life Review—Part 3: Physical Health

Your body is a complicated machine that is supposed to operate your whole lifetime. And it needs maintenance from time to time. This is why you should do this review regularly. Staying in good health is key to a happy life. Some people even say that once you lose health, you lose everything.

Your Annual Life Review—Part 2: Personal Finances

Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s hard to be happy without money. When you’re constantly struggling with debt or your incomes are tiny, money becomes the center of your attention. Making money isn’t a goal in itself, though. It’s more than that: a means to live a life you want. And this is priceless.

Your Annual Life Review—Part 1: Career

Work isn’t the most important thing in life, but still, it is important. A fulfilling career is a part of a meaningful and happy life. Making regular career reviews would help you feel more relaxed and confident about the way you earn a living.

Why Nothing Changes In Your Life (7 Killers of Change)

Change is difficult, but it’s also necessary if you want to grow toward your dreams. In this post, let’s look at the seven deadly sins that kill all the positive changes you want to make in life. Find out what holds you back and eliminate it!

Want to Create a Flexible Career? These Books Will Help!

Building a lifestyle you love seems like a difficult task. These books can make it simpler by giving you all the inspiration, motivation and advice you need.

How to Overcome Procrastination (11 Useful Tips)

Procrastination seems harmless, but it kills precious moments and then leaves you with too little time to fulfill your biggest dreams in life. Don’t let it happen. Instead, learn how to get rid of procrastination once and for all.

How to Become a Digital Nomad—Step by Step

Working from anywhere in the world has become more available than ever. The exciting lifestyle of a digital nomad is not a distant dream anymore. Nevertheless, it’s good to be prepared. Here are all the resources and ideas that will help you start this journey.

One Exercise That Will Get You Closer to Your Dream Career

Finding your dream career may seem like an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, there’s a shortcut to it! In this post, I show you one exercise that will get you closer to the job you love by defining your career capital and finding ways to use it.

Beyond passion. A secret to getting the career you really want

When you ask people about traits needed to be a successful entrepreneur or have a great career, passion and courage score highly. But they are merely a small part of what really gets you the lifestyle you want—and by far, they’re not enough to create a career that involves not only flexibility but also a steady income.