How to Get Publicity in 7 Steps

They say that bad publicity is better than no publicity. And there’s some truth to that. Getting featured in the media might be a powerful tool. Publicity can get you more readers, clients, and—subsequently—more income. So, how does one get published?

Getting Back to a New Normal

We live in crazy and unpredictable times. The coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of uncertainty about the future and put us into situations we’ve never thought were probable. Social distancing has been both a challenge and an opportunity. Now, when we see the tide turning and things slowly going back to normal, there is a new question to ask yourself: what is the new normal you want to return to?

8 Proven Tips for a Productive Home Office

Working from home has many faces. A remote corporate job may create a very organized work environment while running an online business is usually a crazy ride with a lot of flexibility and mixed emotions. My life is a mix of both, so let me introduce you to all the things you should know about working from home.

Love at First Dive—How to Travel the World as a Professional Diver (an Interview)

Honorata Kacprzak quit her well-paid corporate job and devoted her professional life to diving—her long-term passion. As a diver, she has achieved a lot—and, she says, there hasn’t been a single day that she has regretted making this choice. Read the inspirational interview with Honorata. This girl rocks!

How to Get First Clients for Your Business

All beginnings are difficult. When it comes to business, finding first clients tends to be tricky. With no experience, no previous clients, referrals, and any results to show, your negotiating position isn’t strong. How to overcome this phase? Check out these ideas!

Proven Ways of Monetizing a Blog

If you have a blog, then I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: there are hundreds of millions of blogs in the world today. Having a blog is no longer unique or extraordinary. The good news is most blogs aren’t that good. With a vibrant personality, specific knowledge and some persistence, you have many options to make a living this way.

18 Hard Truths That Will Make You See Life Differently

We face many important decisions in our lives and a few really crucial ones. These rules make me stay on track of my goals and remember the essential things in my life. Whenever you feel your life lacks a clear vision, you too may find them helpful.

Sailing for a Living: A Skipper’s Life

Swimming with dolphins, watching a SpaceX rocket launch from a boat … these are just a couple of examples of what a professional skipper may experience. To many people, the perks of this job far exceed the sacrifices that it requires. Let’s take a closer look at the life and work of professional skippers.

Behind the Scenes of Online Business: Starting from Scratch

Running an online business is probably one of the best ways (if not the best) to combine a fulfilling career with traveling. The good thing is, you call the shots. The bad thing is, it’s just as risky and complicated as every other business. 

Productivity Tips That Worked for Me

Do you struggle in your attempts to work effectively? You’re not the only one. Today’s world tempts us with lots of distractions. Let me present you a cure for that. I tested many productivity-boosting methods and chose the ones that worked for me.