How to Combine a Fulfilling Career with the Freedom to Travel

Combining a fulfilling career with enough time to rest and travel all over the world is a Holy Grail to many people. But this common dream rarely gets fulfilled. Nevertheless, there are a few different ways to turn it into reality.

Buying Art for Non-Millionaires

A beautiful piece of art that matches your individual style is like a well-fitting silk dress or warm cashmere sweater: You appreciate the quality. You feel good whenever you’re close to it. And it feels even better when you can afford it without making compromises.

Additional Sources of Income While Working Full-Time: How to Begin

You may often read about fearless people who quit their job to start their own business from scratch—and somehow it all works out in the end. It takes a lot of courage to make such a bold move, but it’s not always necessary. Some people prefer to create an additional source of income while still working full-time, and if you’re one of them, you’re probably wondering how to begin this journey. Good news: you’re at the right place.

Ideas for Profitable Digital Products

Running an online business is easy, but running a profitable online business requires some effort. And, most of all, it involves having a good product or a portfolio of products that are valuable to customers. If you make life easier or more enjoyable for others, you will succeed.

5 Lessons I Learned from Owning a Magazine

I’m not a person who gets discouraged easily, so I embrace the “learning by doing” strategy when it comes to business. But if you’re not a fan of unpleasant surprises, you may learn something from my experiences and mistakes.

Trust Pays Off

Being trustful is not the same as being naive. Trust pays off on many levels—not only in relationships but also in the economy. If you’re unable to trust, then you’re already a loser.

Skipping Your Morning Latte Won’t Make You Rich

If you’re an overspender, you probably know it already. But if you’re careful about your expenses and see no improvement in your finances, you might be affected by another disease—one that’s subtle yet painful. Frugality is a villain in disguise.