My Subjective Guide to California

California has it all. Charming spots by the ocean, the warm and sunny weather, bustling cities, intriguing desert landscapes, wonderful forests and breathtaking mountains. Whether you love adventure or search for a place to chill out, you’ll probably love it here.

Mastermind on a Sailing Yacht – All You Need to Know

This is something that’s never been done before! The goal is simple: to combine work and rest. After this trip, you will feel both relaxed and happy that you’ve worked on your career goals: creating a profitable side hustle, preparing a solid idea for your own online business, or finding a way to work less, but do more!

Around the World in 11 Months

When you go for a year-long trip around the world, every day is a challenge, and every day is a reward. Such trip requires thinking about numerous things: visas, vaccinations, finances. Long-term travel makes you face homesickness and sensory overstimulation, but it also teaches you a never-give-up attitude and gives energy to push your boundaries.

18 Hard Truths That Will Make You See Life Differently

We face many important decisions in our lives and a few really crucial ones. These rules make me stay on track of my goals and remember the essential things in my life. Whenever you feel your life lacks a clear vision, you too may find them helpful.

Sailing for a Living: A Skipper’s Life

Swimming with dolphins, watching a SpaceX rocket launch from a boat … these are just a couple of examples of what a professional skipper may experience. To many people, the perks of this job far exceed the sacrifices that it requires. Let’s take a closer look at the life and work of professional skippers.

How to Combine a Fulfilling Career with the Freedom to Travel

Combining a fulfilling career with enough time to rest and travel all over the world is a Holy Grail to many people. But this common dream rarely gets fulfilled. Nevertheless, there are a few different ways to turn it into reality.

5 Unusual Places to See in Switzerland

Do you prefer having dinner atop a mountain or in an Alien spaceship? And how about contemplating art at a police station? Switzerland is a very orderly country—but by no means dull or ordinary.

New York for Free: 50 Ideas!

Visiting New York doesn’t have to drain your pockets! Here are my 50 ideas on how to have an exciting time in the city without spending a dime.

Why Should Poland Be Your Next Travel Destination?

In Poland, the East meets the West. This post-communist country has emerged as an economic success story and become a growing tourist destination in Europe. With its urban hotspots, historic towns, unspoiled nature and a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities, Poland has a lot to offer.

Trust Pays Off

Being trustful is not the same as being naive. Trust pays off on many levels—not only in relationships but also in the economy. If you’re unable to trust, then you’re already a loser.