Proven Ways of Monetizing a Blog

If you have a blog, then I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: there are hundreds of millions of blogs in the world today. Having a blog is no longer unique or extraordinary. The good news is most blogs aren’t that good. With a vibrant personality, specific knowledge and some persistence, you have many options to make a living this way.

18 Hard Truths That Will Make You See Life Differently

We face many important decisions in our lives and a few really crucial ones. These rules make me stay on track of my goals and remember the essential things in my life. Whenever you feel your life lacks a clear vision, you too may find them helpful.

Productivity Tips That Worked for Me

Do you struggle in your attempts to work effectively? You’re not the only one. Today’s world tempts us with lots of distractions. Let me present you a cure for that. I tested many productivity-boosting methods and chose the ones that worked for me.

Ideas for Profitable Digital Products

Running an online business is easy, but running a profitable online business requires some effort. And, most of all, it involves having a good product or a portfolio of products that are valuable to customers. If you make life easier or more enjoyable for others, you will succeed.

Writing and Publishing a Book: How to Do It and What to Expect

When my own book was published for the first time, it was a dream come true. But writing it was a long, and sometimes painful, process. I knew it was a big project, that’s why I embraced the challenge and didn’t expect it to be a piece of cake.

How to Write in English When You’re a Non-Native Speaker

For a non-native, considering a career as an author in an English-speaking world takes a lot of hard pills to swallow. Standing face to face with your shortcomings may be hard, but it also creates a space to grow.